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4 Reasons to Get Cable Rather Than Cut the Cord

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Looking for a way to get TV service back in your home, but not sure if you should go the all streaming route or stick with traditional cable? Here are some reasons why you’ll be better off with cable.  Cable TV Won’t Cause Internet Congestion When you use a streaming service as your primary form of entertainment, it depends on the Internet to get that data to your home. This can cause problems if you are on a budget Internet plan without much bandwidth. Read More»

Want To Install Internet In Your Home? 3 Ways To Maximize Long-Term Satisfaction

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After moving into a house, you may intend on getting everything set up including the water, electricity, gas, trash, and Internet connection. While your family can use their smartphones for the first few days or week, you will want to get an Internet plan and connection going. When installing Internet, you should think about the details that can maximize long-term satisfaction. Location While coming up with internet installation plans, you need to figure out where you are going to install the modem, which will serve as the central place for the Internet connection in the house. Read More»