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4 Reasons to Get Cable Rather Than Cut the Cord

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Looking for a way to get TV service back in your home, but not sure if you should go the all streaming route or stick with traditional cable? Here are some reasons why you'll be better off with cable. 

Cable TV Won't Cause Internet Congestion

When you use a streaming service as your primary form of entertainment, it depends on the Internet to get that data to your home. This can cause problems if you are on a budget Internet plan without much bandwidth. Imagine trying to watch your favorite show, but people in your home are having trouble with their video conference calls while trying to work or go to school. If you have cable TV, it won't use the Internet and slow things down for others.

Cable TV Has DVR Capabilities

If you are streaming your channels to a device, you may not have the option to pause, rewind, and fast forward with live TV. Many stations that offer streaming capabilities often offer a live stream with no ability to stop it. Cable TV can provide you with a DVR that is always recording. Want to jump back to see an instant replay? You can do it with no issue. Want to pause the live show to take a break? That's an option as well. 

Cable TV May Be Cheaper

You likely will need an Internet connection in your home no matter what, which means you should have the option to bundle a cable TV service with your Internet service. You may be surprised at how affordable it is to add cable TV services. Many people think that streaming services will be cheaper, but when you total up all the different streaming services you need to subscribe to, it can add up quickly. This is because many people require several to catch all the shows that they want to watch.

Cable TV Has Live Sports

Do you love watching live sports on TV? You may find that this type of programming is completely lacking on many streaming services. That is because streaming services typically offer on demand programming, such as television and movies that have already been made. The options for live sports are simply not there, which means you'll miss out on watching your favorite sports team. Since cable TV has live channels, you'll be able to watch any game on TV as long as you subscribe to the channel.

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