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Why Most Data Centers Need Interconnect

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Advances in data center automation have made it possible to connect data centers through interconnect. If your organization owns one or more data centers, you might want to know what the benefits are of interconnecting two or more data centers and why most businesses cannot afford to not use interconnect. Flow Data Easily From One Data Center To Another Interconnect allows for multiple data centers to be connected in one organization. Read More»

Gamers Need Consistency More Than Speed

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When it comes to an internet provider, speed is important. If you’re an online gamer, you need to be sure that your connection is consistent as well. Take a look at what consistency means and what you can do to get the right support for gaming needs. What Does Consistency Mean With Internet? At the most basic level, consistency means how often your Internet connection stays active. Broadband Internet is a little different from dial-up, as it tends to be less likely to disconnect like a call. Read More»