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Why Most Data Centers Need Interconnect

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Advances in data center automation have made it possible to connect data centers through interconnect. If your organization owns one or more data centers, you might want to know what the benefits are of interconnecting two or more data centers and why most businesses cannot afford to not use interconnect.

Flow Data Easily From One Data Center To Another

Interconnect allows for multiple data centers to be connected in one organization. This allows for data to flow freely between each data center, which is essential if the data needs to be transferred, processed or analyzed using different data centers. 

Provide Services To Customers Seamlessly

Data centers that provide services to customer data centers can connect and easily transfer data. This allows for a customer data center to have secure access to various business and technology partners without the need to connect to the Internet. Also, this approach eliminates costs associated with connecting to an Internet service provider. 

Easily Hybridize IT Environments

IT environments can be much more easily hybridized with the use of interconnect. Colocation, cloud environments and hosting can be unified with a management platform to maximize savings. Company time can be saved by not having to jump from interface to interface. 

Scale Your Business

Interconnect is one of the best ways to scale your business as it grows. More data centers can be added as your business grows in size and needs to store greater quantities of data. Scalability is a major problem thanks to the amount of data being exchanged between cloud data servers these days. This demand can only be met by having data centers seamlessly interconnect. 

Greater Security

A dedicated interconnect is much more secure than the public Internet. All company facilities can use cloud resources when the cloud is combined with managed services and a WAN backbone. 

Much Greater Performance

Dedicated cloud interconnect has much greater performance than any other option. The service is much more reliable, has better bandwidth and has a much faster response time than connecting over an ISP.

Connect To A Variety Of Cloud Services

Businesses are afforded much more flexibility with interconnection by allowing the business to connect to a variety of cloud services. Resources can be allocated to services that are at the right price and that provide an acceptable level of performance. Because the benefits of interconnection are so overwhelming, businesses that own data centers can't afford to not consider interconnection. 

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