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Understanding What Slow Speed Actually Means

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Slow Internet is an issue that plagues many computer users, but may not be easily understood by all. Some people may be satisfied to blame the issue on the Internet Service Provider (ISP) or the computer itself, but unless you take the time to understand the issue, the problem can carry over to another ISP with no real resolution. To cut down on confusion and to take back some control when asking for technical support from any ISP, take the time to understand what speed means and what to do about certain problems. Read More»

The Most Important Features Of Data Centres

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Outsourcing your server management to a data facility, like Cologix, can be a smart move for simplifying your maintenance. When you’re shopping around for the best data centre, it can be daunting to choose the right facility unless you’re familiar with a lot of technical terms. Here are some simple factors to consider when choosing your data centre. Power Supply One of the most important factors in your data centre is the power supply. Read More»