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The Most Important Features Of Data Centres

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Outsourcing your server management to a data facility, like Cologix, can be a smart move for simplifying your maintenance. When you're shopping around for the best data centre, it can be daunting to choose the right facility unless you're familiar with a lot of technical terms. Here are some simple factors to consider when choosing your data centre.

Power Supply

One of the most important factors in your data centre is the power supply. The main concern is for power outages, although a surge in power consumption from someone else's server could also cause problems for your server's power supply.

Aside from having a connection to the electrical grid, many data management centers will use a backup generator to supply their servers. In some cases, these generators can be automatically triggered in case of a power shortage, eliminating the need for human maintenance to the power supply. The key is to have redundant systems; if one system fails, a great data facility will have several options for keeping the servers operational.


You can judge the cooling power of the data center simply by walking through the facility and making sure the temperatures are cool. There is some equipment that signifies a great cooling system, including turbo cooling equipment. The turbo air conditioners can be backed up by heat exchangers that help to dissipate heat from the servers. For instance, ice cold water can be used to dissipate the heat off of the air conditioning systems in case of an air conditioner failure.

Access Options

Physical security can also be important at your facility. Some facilities offer you a secure server room with only single access; access cards and passwords are an added feature of some centres. If your data's security is of extreme importance, then you may want to choose a center that has biometric security options. For instance, you can install a fingerprint or eye scan machine to limit access to specific individuals.


While the equipment in your data center is important, the ultimate measure of a great data center is often the amount of uptime per year. Some data centers can guarantee a percentage of uptime.

There are many great data centres that can offer you each of these qualities while providing responsive customer service. The best way to find your data centre options is to visit several options in person to make sure that they meet the criteria on this list.